The New Zealand Rugby Union has been one of the most exciting teams in international rugby for a while now.

    But the squad has struggled to produce results in the competition.

    The Lions have lost to France, Wales and Ireland and the team has failed to qualify for a World Cup.

    New Zealand has a bye in the group stage and a chance to win the tournament with a win against the Wallabies in Sydney on Saturday.

    They are also likely to host England, the world champions, in the quarter-finals.

    Here are five things to watch: 1.

    Will the Wallaby squad make it to Sydney?

    This is a game that will decide the fate of the Lions.

    The Wallabies have not won a World Series game in their eight-year history, and there have been five losses.

    Their form has been poor, and this is the first World Series since the 2006 tournament.

    They were beaten by England in the semi-finals, and lost to Italy in the final.

    This is the second time this year that they have been eliminated from the competition at the quarterfinals.


    Will Australia and South Africa win?

    This series is going to be interesting.

    Australia will host New Zealand in a one-day series on Saturday and it’s unclear whether Australia will be able to overcome a poor performance in the first two matches of the series.

    They have lost two of their first three games, and were beaten 4-0 in Brisbane by the Wallabees.

    South Africa has lost three of its first four games, but are still unbeaten in the series so far.

    It could be that the Wallabi will have to do a lot of things right to keep Australia out of the tournament.


    Can New Zealand make it out of Group B?

    This would be a difficult group for New Zealand to get into, but they could be one of those teams who can overcome the Wallaes.

    They face the Wallafieds in the other semi-final and will face Ireland, the Wallas and Wales.

    Australia and France have the advantage of being in their respective groups, but the Wallaroo’s are playing the defending champions in the next round.


    Will New Zealand find a way out of this group?

    They have the quality to make it in to the final, but there is no guarantee of that.

    If they can’t make it into the final in Sydney, they will have a lot to play for in the quarters.


    Will South Africa beat England?

    England have a bye through the quarter final, which could see them take on the Wallarries in the third-place match.

    The series is now on track to go to a third-round match.

    Watch all the action live on ESPN’s Four Nations site on Saturday, November 17, at 6 p.m. ET.