Transport companies such as EVO and KLM have recently been moving their shipments to Kentucky, which has been the destination of record-breaking EVO ridership in the state.

    As of last month, more than 11 million people had registered for EVO’s rides and more than 1.3 million people were registered on KLM’s website.

    The EVO-KLM partnership also includes the KLM-Nasdaq Exchange.

    In addition to the transportation options offered by EVO, the KLP’s transportation team has been actively supporting EVO via various online forums and the KLPG website, as well as through its KLM subsidiary.

    The KLP is also actively supporting the EVO network by providing EVO with more than 5,000 free tickets to meet with EVO officials, with an option for additional free tickets on demand, as detailed in the blog post. 

    Kentucky has been a hotbed of EVO activity, with ridership up nearly 35% over the last six months, according to EVO.

    The new EVO website and social media platforms have seen an influx of activity, as ridership has skyrocketed since the site’s launch last month.

    EVO has also been actively encouraging customers to sign up for a special promo code that can be used to secure a $10,000 discount on the KLB’s upcoming EVO Ride service.

    The promo code is now live, and customers can check it out for $10k, and the offer will expire in February 2019.


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