A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump’s order to shut down the federal government until the Department of Homeland Security can be given authority to help people who are being detained or stranded.

    Judge Ann Donnelly in a decision filed Tuesday said that Trump’s directive violates the Constitution’s prohibition against the government forcing people to leave their homes, and that it violates the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

    The order, which was signed Monday, blocks Trump from restricting the travel of people who have committed serious crimes or been deemed dangerous to public safety.

    The president’s executive order requires federal officials to immediately issue an emergency order requiring the federal courts to grant the President’s orders that include an immediate suspension of federal operations until the court determines that DHS is in charge of keeping people in their homes.

    It also requires the president to tell the courts to stay in place and not enforce the orders, and it bans him from using his powers to remove people from the United State.

    A federal appeals court upheld the president’s order in March.

    The court ruling is the latest blow to the Trump administration’s legal strategy to dismantle the Obama administration’s efforts to close the country’s borders.

    On Monday, a federal judge in California blocked Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

    On Tuesday, a U.S. district judge in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order against the president, as well as a federal appeals judge in Texas.