The Hill – August 26, 2018 – A car seat in a car with an owner who has a pet and needs to get the carrier back could be a good idea, a city official told The Hill on Wednesday.

    “I think you should consider taking the carrier to the police station or the city attorney’s office to be able to get it back,” City Attorney Jeffery Shulman told TheHill.

    “The carrier should be returned to the owner and if there’s any damage, you should file a claim with the city,” Shulmansaid.

    The city has been working on a new law since January, which would allow pet carriers to be stolen.

    Shulman said he is working on an updated bill to add additional protections to the existing law.

    “The city is doing everything possible to prevent this type of incident,” Shullman said.

    Currently, there is no law requiring pet carriers be returned.

    When the city first proposed the law, Shulmen said it was designed to allow the city to help pet owners in the event of an accident involving a pet.

    But Shulmann said he does not believe the law will be effective.

    He said he hopes to have the legislation amended to allow for a more thorough investigation of what happened.

    According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats can be strangled, choked, or suffocated with a metal object.

    An estimated 3 million pets are lost annually to pet theft.

    Since its inception in the early 2000s, the American Humane Association has called for the return of pet carriers.

    In 2015, the organization said more than 1 million pet carriers had been stolen in the United States.


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