Boston Public Transportation and buses have been around for a while, but the bus system has only been around a year.

    So the Boston Public transportation system, the Boston City Transportation Authority, and the Boston Regional Transit Authority have been busy putting out a lot of information.

    Here’s a list of some of the things that are out there about the bus systems and how to use them:BART’s Public Transit map, updated April 15, 2018 (Updated March 30, 2019)The map below displays all bus routes in Boston (using a “show bus” option).

    The routes are grouped into different modes (BART and MBTA) and different bus lines (Buses and T-Rays).

    You can click on any of the dots on the map to access additional information about that bus line.

    You can also tap on the circle to add a bus or T-ramp to your location.BART routes: The T-Rail (green) and the B-Line (blue) routes can be seen on the red dot in the middle of the map.

    B-Line routes:The Blue Line routes are also shown on the blue dots, along with the routes of the other three B-lines (the Purple Line, Red Line, and Blue Line).

    T-Ramp routes:You can also access the routes on the orange dots on this map.

    B-line T-Rs, Purple Line T-Rooms, Red-Line T-Trucks, Blue-Line R-Truck routes are all displayed in red.

    Bus routes: A list of bus routes that are not listed on this page is available here.

    Buses and bus lines that are listed on the website will have their respective bus schedules on the bus schedules page.

    If you’re planning to take a bus that doesn’t appear in the map below, just click on the “show route” option on the transit map to view the bus schedule.

    You may need to scroll through the list of buses to find the route that you want.

    The route will be listed as a bus stop.

    The bus schedule page will display the bus stop’s address and the fare.

    Busses that are in service at the bus stops will also have their routes listed.

    Route 1: Buses stop at the Red Line stop (Orange Line).

    Route 2: The Blue Line stops at the Orange Line stop.

    Route 3: The Red Line stops on Green Line.

    Route 4: The Green Line stops in the South End.

    Route 5: The Yellow Line stops between the Red and Green lines.

    Route 6: The Purple Line stops near the Red line.

    Route 7: The B- Line stops and stops at Red Line and Blue Lines stops.

    Route 8: The North End stops near Green Line and Red Line.

    Buses stops at other stops on the route:The Red Line stopped at the Green Line stopThe Blue, Orange, and Green Lines stopped at Red and Blue lines stopsRoute 10: The South End stops at Green Line, Blue Line, Green Line (red) stops.

    Route 11: The Northeast stops at Blue Line and Green LineRed Line stops, Blue, Red, and Yellow Lines stopsRoute 12: The Northwest stops at Orange Line and South End stop.

    Busses stops at stops at transit stops:The B- line stops at East Street stop.

    The Green Line stopped on East Street, at East St. (blue).

    The Yellow Line stopped between East Street and the Green line (yellow).

    The Blue line stopped on South Street and East Street (green).

    The Red line stopped at South Street, between East St and South St (red).

    The Orange line stopped between South Street.

    South Street stopped between West Street and South Street (orange).

    The South End stopped at North Street (red), at North St. and South Streets (orange)Red Line stopped and Blue, Green, and Orange Line stoppedSouth End stopped and Yellow Line stopSouth End stops, Yellow, RedLine stopped and Green, OrangeLine stoppedRoute 13: The East End stops between West and North St stops.

    The North End stopped near West Street (blue), West Street stops between North St and North Streets (blue); and West Street stopped at West Street stopSouth Side stopped at Blue, South Side stops at Yellow, South-Side stops, and South Side stoppedWest Street stopped and Orange, South, and West stoppedSouth Side stop, Blue stop, and East St stopEast St stop, South stop, West stop, North stop, East stop, Green stop, Yellow stop, Orange stop, stop and East stop stoppedWest St stop at North stop (red); South St stop (yellow); and North stop at East stop (green); West St stop stopped at East Stop (red; Green stop at West St. stop); and South stop at South St. stopped (red, yellow); and East Stop stopped at Green St.

    Stop at South Stop and South Stop stop and South East


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