A transport tycoon and one of the richest people in Britain has written an open letter calling for “a national public transport policy”.

    In the letter, Martin Tracey, the former chairman of the Trades Union Congress, has called for “new investment in the national public transportation system”.

    The letter, titled ‘Passively Transport’, was published by the Traded Insitute.

    “A public transport system is a network of buses, trams, trains and coaches.

    It can be a lifeline to people on the go and is vital for many people to move around London,” Tracey wrote.

    “It’s an important part of our city and its cultural heritage and we must ensure that we can all get around it safely.”

    The letter was signed by Tracey’s wife, Claire, and his two sons.

    “Martin is a strong advocate for our cities public transport network and for the value it provides to our lives.

    But there is one thing he cannot do alone,” he said.

    “We must all work together as a collective and together, we can create a modern, flexible, efficient and sustainable public transport service.”

    Transport tycoon Martin Tracys letter The Tracies are one of two members of the House of Lords, the upper house of parliament, to write a letter in support of the Transport Commission.

    The other member is Lord Robert Black, who represents the city of Birmingham, where the Transport Trades union has been pushing for a public transport investment for decades.

    Black’s letter was published on the website of the transport lobby group Transport for London.

    “The Traceries and their families have been through some difficult times and this is an opportunity to express their support for a National Public Transport Policy that provides greater certainty for our city,” Black said in the letter.

    “This policy is needed to keep our city moving.

    It must be a public service and we need it to deliver better service to our citizens.”

    Black has been a strong supporter of transport investment in his home city of London.

    He was previously a board member of the London Transport Campaign, which pushed for the government to increase the number of trains and buses on London’s roads.

    In his letter, Tracos wrote: “In London, we are living in a time of crisis.

    Trachers’ letter has drawn a range of responses from people across the political spectrum. “

    While we know that there are other ways of moving, a National public transport strategy must be built to allow Londoners to travel safely and efficiently in the future.”

    Trachers’ letter has drawn a range of responses from people across the political spectrum.

    Many have criticised Trac’s plan for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ public transport plan.

    “My concern is that Mr Tracey is not focusing on how he would be able to achieve this, but rather how he is attempting to make a political point,” said Martin Killeen, the director of London-based transport firm London Underground.

    “He wants to make it sound as if London is too congested and too expensive to invest in modern infrastructure.”

    In a separate letter to the Transport Commissioner, Tracey said: “I have worked with many, many people over many decades to build London’s transport network, and I have always believed that we must all do more to improve our transport system to make the city the great place it is today.”

    Tracey has also expressed interest in funding the London Underground’s ‘London Bridge to Southwark’ pedestrian tunnel project.

    “I do not think this is a bad idea at all,” Trac said in his letter.


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