Transport Tycoon 4.0 – the world leader in transportation technology – has compiled a list of the top U.A.E. companies that are currently considering banning the U-Bahn, a common route between Europe and the U/C/C region.

    The list, based on data from the Global Transport Index, shows that the UBahn is on the top of the list.

    Transport Tycoon has a “highly respected” reputation for providing the most accurate transport data, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

    “We believe in a transparent, honest and open industry that delivers a world class experience to customers,” the company wrote.

    “However, due to security concerns, we are not offering any official data for this analysis.

    We will do our best to assist you.””

    If you or anyone you know needs a ride, please contact us.

    We will do our best to assist you.”


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