Uber, the ride-sharing service, will raise its cost of providing rides to customers by $25, the company said on Thursday.

    The change comes as the company seeks to attract a larger customer base with more frequent and more frequent trips to major cities.

    Uber, which is based in Menlo Park, Calif., has said that its drivers will be paid $30 an hour and its riders will receive $20 a trip.

    The move comes as Uber tries to boost profitability in the United States amid slowing growth in China.

    Uber will add drivers to its fleet and increase the amount of people it offers to passengers.

    “We will also be introducing more flexible fares for users with different levels of experience,” Uber said in a statement.

    The company has been trying to diversify its business by offering cars to people who can afford them and by offering free rides to low-income people.

    Uber is looking to add more drivers for its fleet in the coming weeks, but the company has not released a timeline.

    Uber said the cost increase is part of a cost-cutting plan to make its service more cost-efficient and more reliable.

    The ride-share service has been a huge success in China, where its drivers earn around $50 per hour.

    Uber has been battling to stay afloat amid rising costs, particularly in China and in parts of the United Kingdom.


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