Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the U.K. and other countries have been moving forward with their own EV program and that the U-TRA report is the first step.

    The report will “look at how the industry is responding to EV requirements, what are the challenges and opportunities for the UAW, the UTA and others, Foxx told reporters on Friday at a White House briefing.

    The report is expected to be released in the coming weeks.”

    The UTA represents the largest auto parts supplier in the U, and it has been pushing to expand its EV program.

    The union has already bought two electric vehicles.

    The U.W. has also started to work on an EV program, though the plan has not been finalized.

    The U.TRA is an independent agency, and its work is overseen by the Department of Transportation, a spokesman said.

    The agency has been involved in EV development for the past decade, according to its website.

    Foxx was asked about a report by The Wall Street Journal in October that showed U.N. and European governments were moving toward building electric vehicle infrastructure.

    Foxy said he had not seen the report and had not read it.

    Foxx did not respond to a request for comment.


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