A transport company has been awarded a $20 million US air freight contract with the US Transportation Security Administration, a major US federal agency.

    The TSA announced the new contract Thursday after winning an award from the federal government’s Aviation Safety Board (ASB) on behalf of a US company, KLM Air Cargo.

    The company will provide air cargo services to the US military and civilian airline fleets.

    The FAA has previously awarded $2.5 billion in US air passenger contracts to KLM.

    KLM is also one of the world’s largest cargo carriers and the largest passenger carrier in the US.

    The Air Transport Security Administration is the government agency that runs the nation’s air traffic control system.

    The agency said in a statement the award “provides the Air Transport Safety Administration with critical air transportation services and critical assets in the event of a terrorist attack.”

    “The KLM contract with US government is one of several air transportation security contracts that the agency is in the process of awarding,” the agency said.

    “This award will provide critical air transport services and assets to the Air Force and the Air National Guard.

    This contract will also be one of a number of contracts awarded in the future to provide essential services for the Airforce.”

    The TSA is the primary US agency responsible for enforcing the nation\’s air safety rules, which include rules that prevent the use of weapons and explosives in commercial air travel.

    In the last two years, the agency has awarded nearly $30 billion in contracts to commercial air carriers, including $7 billion for air cargo, and more than $3 billion to private companies.KLM is not the only US airline that has received the $20 billion air cargo contract.

    Aeropostale Airlines, one of America\’s largest airlines, won the $18.8 billion contract from the US government last year.

    The $18 billion contract will allow Aeropostal to serve the US Military and National Guard, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department, said a statement from Aeropoetics.

    The Aeropos have been operating in the Gulf of Mexico for the past 30 years.AEROPOSTAL, the world\’s leading commercial air carrier, has been operating on U.S. soil for almost 50 years and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

    The airline is a subsidiary of Aeromexico, the largest airline in the world.

    AeroPostale is an American subsidiary of United Airlines, a US based subsidiary of the British carrier BA Group.

    A total of 19 companies are involved in the Aeropoints contract, including Air Cargo Services, Air Services and Air Transport Technologies, according to a statement by Aeroportech.


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