The world’s best aircraft carrier is “probably” the British Royal Navy’s best, British Secretary of State for Defence Sir David Cameron has said.

    Writing in The Times, Cameron said the UK had a “good fleet of carriers, but the Royal Navy is our number one air power”.

    “The Royal Navy are a proud nation and proud of their fleet of ships and planes,” he said.

    “We have the finest aircraft carrier in the World, but it is our carriers that are the most important.”‘

    We have a fleet of carrier’In a recent BBC interview, Cameron also praised the British Navy’s ability to operate its own aircraft carriers, including HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Prince William.

    “You can’t underestimate the contribution the Royal Naval Fleet makes to the defence of the UK,” he told the BBC’s Newsnight.

    “They are the backbone of our defence, and they are the cornerstone of our aircraft carrier force.”‘

    There are many ways to be successful’However, Cameron warned against the temptation to “make big promises” and said the Navy was “quite successful” when it came to taking on new missions.

    “I know we have got a fleet in place,” he added.

    “We have got carriers.

    We have got aircraft carriers.

    And that is a force that can take on the threat posed by the North Korean nuclear missile programme.”

    But there are many, many ways in which you can be successful in a sea or a land conflict.””

    You need to be able to deal with those challenges, and that means not only taking on those challenges on the air, but also in the sea,” he explained.”

    So we have a lot of great ships and aircraft, but we also have to be careful to make sure we do them properly.

    “The prime minister also highlighted the Royal Marines’ contribution to maritime security in the Pacific.”

    Our armed forces are the best maritime force in the history of the world,” he wrote.”

    The Marines are the world’s finest air force, and our Royal Navy fleet is one of the most lethal naval forces anywhere in the Atlantic.”‘

    Britain’s most powerful’British forces are also capable of conducting air strikes in the Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, and can use their aircraft carriers to conduct joint operations with other allies.”

    If you are going to be very effective, you have to have a carrier force that is very strong, and Britain’s most effective carrier force is HMS Queen Mary,” Cameron said.’

    Britain has a strong navy’The US Navy, which is the world leader in aircraft carriers and aircraft gunships, has a fleet capable of defending the US, UK and Australia, and has the ability to conduct air strikes and submarine attacks.

    The UK has a naval force of around 500 aircraft carriers including the Royal Air Force’s carrier HMS Queen Charlotte, as well as the Royal Marine Aircraft Wing and the Royal Artillery’s destroyers HMS Queen of the South, HMS Queen George and HMS Queen Charles.”

    Britain has an incredibly capable naval force, with around 500 carriers, and there is a lot that the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, and other countries can do to help us,” Cameron wrote.

    The prime ministers defence minister has previously highlighted his government’s naval capability, with the UK providing a combined fleet of more than 200 aircraft carriers in the South Atlantic, including the Canadian class of destroyers.”

    This is one place in the region where the United Kingdom has a lot to offer, and we have great potential for our military to contribute to the international community,” Cameron told the British Parliament in September.