Transport Minister Luis María López de Cuellar said on Thursday that the Spanish government must “stop the brutality of violence and the repression” in order to guarantee “transport infrastructure for the benefit of all Spaniards.”

    “The transport system must be free of all the obstacles that hinder it from delivering its functions to the public,” Lópiz said.

    “I believe that the most important thing is that this system is free of any violence.”

    Transport Minister López said the government would be making its “next move in the process of dismantling this regime.”

    “We need to see a political solution to this crisis,” Lott said.

    Spain’s transport system was under a state of emergency after two suicide bombings killed 16 people and wounded nearly 70 others in Madrid last November.

    The country’s economy suffered a $1.4 trillion (US$1.9 billion) blow to 2015 after the bombings.