Seattle totes will be made available to all residents of the city of Seattle in 2019, the city announced on Tuesday.

    ToT will become available to residents of all neighborhoods in the city starting in 2019.

    Residents who do not live in the neighborhood will be able to purchase a monthly membership.

    The service is currently available in Portland, Washington, and Seattle.

    The new service will also be available to transit agencies, private companies, and individuals.

    To-T members will be eligible to take advantage of the new benefits, including free parking for all transit riders and the ability to access their accounts for free in the future.

    The company is partnering with The Seattle Public Library and the Seattle Public Museum to offer ToT to people who want to explore their local neighborhoods.

    ToT members can also get to know the staff and neighborhood by visiting the ToT website and the local community group for tips and opportunities.

    In 2019, ToT will begin operating at the new Transit Center, which will be a new transit hub in the central district.

    To-T has also begun operating at its new Seattle location.

    To access ToT at any location in Seattle, go to and follow the prompts to register.


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