Posted October 18, 2018 04:20:14 In an attempt to attract new passengers and reduce traffic at Dulles International Airport, RVA is making its first flight with a brand new terminal. 

    RVA-Hopkins International Airport has become the new home of Metro’s MetroRail service, which runs on a single line and has a maximum capacity of 1,200 passengers per hour. 

    The new terminal has a total capacity of 3,600 passengers per day, and the new route connects more than 20 stops. 

    MetroRail is scheduled to open at Dullesville International Airport in late 2019. 

     The RVA airport also announced that they will be adding a new airport shuttle service for MetroRail passengers between the Dulles and the Atlanta area. 

    “The new MetroRail shuttle service is designed to allow passengers to reach the airport quicker and more easily,” Metro Rail said in a statement.

    “The shuttle will provide a convenient, fast, and safe connection between the two airports. 

    Our new Metro Rail service will connect to our existing Metro Rail network to ensure that all Metro Rail passengers will have an easy and seamless connection.” 

    A similar service has been offered at the airport since March, with passengers traveling via the existing MetroRail route from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. The new shuttle service will also provide MetroRail riders a direct connection to the new airport. 

    A few months ago, Metro announced plans to add a new line to the MetroRail network to help relieve congestion at Dulls. 

    On Tuesday, Metro announced a new route that will be open to the public beginning in 2019.

    The new route will run from the new MetroLink facility to Dulles, and then through the new terminal on the MetroLink track. 

    At this point, it is unknown if the new shuttle will be available to commuters in the Atlanta and Washington area, but the new service will help ease congestion at the busy airport.