A metro station in Mumbai, India.

    (Getty Images) India has the world’s cheapest metro and bus tickets.

    The country has the second-lowest cost of a metro ticket, with a one-way fare of ₹9.16.

    The cheapest metro tickets are ₤2.55.

    India’s metro system, the Mumbai Metro Railways, operates 24 lines, and is the second most expensive rail system in the world, according to a report by travel site TripAdvisor.

    The cost of public transport in India is currently ₩9,700 ($1,800).

    According to TripAdviser, India’s subway system has the lowest fare of any subway system in South Asia.

    The metro system in Delhi has the cheapest subway fares.

    The report estimates that India has ₴6,800 metro stations.

    India has only one metro station on the busiest metro route in the country, the Eastern Expressway, which connects Delhi to Mumbai, the country’s largest city.

    India has a population of about 7.4 billion people.