NEW YORK — — The company that once boasted of taking the world by storm by building a fleet of high-tech pickups and delivering the goods is now known as the premier transportation company in the United States, the head of Uber’s parent company said on Tuesday.

    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who took over in January after former chief executive Andrew Wilson resigned in a shake-up at the company, said the new name would be “an homage to our founding principles, a nod to the millions of riders who have trusted us with their journeys, and an acknowledgement of the incredible work we do every day.”

    “Today, Uber is a world-class transportation company that will continue to redefine the way people get around,” Kalanik said.

    The new name is “an expression of the values of our company, a recognition of our incredible talent and the incredible talent that makes us so much better than we were a year ago,” Kalamick said.

    “We have always focused on building the best possible experience for riders.

    Today, we’re going to continue that commitment and build on it with our next major product and expansion.”

    Kalanich said the company is taking the new names “seriously.”

    Uber’s new logo was unveiled Tuesday at its offices in New York.

    Uber is seeking a name change for the company after an outcry in 2015 when the company used a fake name in a new advertising campaign.

    Kalanicks successor, John Zimmer, told reporters on a conference call Tuesday that the company was in discussions with other companies about the new logo, which is a mix of three-letter words and an emoji representing the Uber logo.

    The logo, a combination of the letters “E”, “A” and “Z”, will be the company’s main branding throughout the year.

    Uber also will launch an app called UberX that will allow riders to hail a car and then request a ride in a matter of seconds.

    It’s unclear if Uber will have a smartphone app for the service, which has not yet launched.

    Uber has said it wants to change the way consumers interact with the ridesharing service by allowing drivers to hail and deliver people without requiring a smartphone.

    The company has been criticized by consumers, lawmakers and others for the way it handled allegations of sexual harassment and assault in the wake of a series of women’s stories.

    Uber, which raised $35 billion in venture capital last year, is still awaiting regulatory approval for its ride-hailing service.

    Kalamans resignation followed a number of changes at the firm that included firing its chief operating officer and chief financial officer.

    Wilson left in January amid allegations of improper relationships with a former employee.

    Kalinick said Wilson had resigned for personal reasons, and Kalanico was not aware of any reason he was leaving.

    Uber had already cut more than 100 employees, including its CEO, and is facing a major shake-out of the senior leadership.

    It was recently valued at $62 billion.

    The San Francisco-based company has struggled to find growth amid the economic downturn, and has lost more than a quarter of its market value since its initial public offering in May.

    The stock is up more than 4 percent this year, but the stock has been trending down over the past year.

    Kalani was fired in January 2016.