DUBLIN – Martin transport centre will reopen after the storm, with some commuters reopening their cars to take a drive.

    The facility will reopen at 11am on Wednesday, with the first of the 12 cars to be loaded onto the trolley at 12.40pm.

    The first cars are expected to arrive in the capital in the early hours of Thursday morning.

    Martin transport manager Peter Macdonald said: “The Martin Transport Centre is closed until further notice as the Storm Warning continues to apply in Dublin.”

    The centre is expected to be fully operational by midday on Thursday.

    “He said the centre would reopen on Thursday morning, with an estimated 2,500 cars and vans expected to return to Dublin.

    Dublin City Council has also said it is preparing for a “full range of services” for commuters in the city during the Storm.

    The council said all services will be fully staffed and ready to go during the peak period of the Storm and will be available for public use by 8am.

    Dubai Transport Authority said the first cars will arrive at the Martin Transport centre in Dublin at 2.40am.

    The agency said it expects a total of 12,500 vehicles to return from the airport, and a further 500 from the city centre.