Transport Minister James Smith has signed an agreement with West Kentucky Transportation, which will build the state’s rail networks for the first time.

    West Kentucky Transportation will also help finance the construction of the state-of-the-art rail hub in Louisville, Kentucky, to house Kentucky Transportation’s new rail station.

    “The agreement is an important step towards the future of West Kentucky’s passenger rail network,” said Smith in a statement.

    The new rail hub will be the largest rail station in the US, with over 2.5 million riders annually.

    A new rail line in Kentucky will connect Louisville to Cincinnati.

    The new rail network will link Kentucky to New Orleans, the second largest metropolitan area in the United States.

    The state’s $7 billion bond sale will fund a rail corridor that includes the first line to connect Louisville with Cincinnati.

    According to the state, the rail corridor will provide an economic boost to the area and a boost to economic development in Kentucky.

    Kentucky Transportation President and CEO Jim Mays said the state will see an average annual economic boost of $10 million.

    More news from Kentucky:


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