The Mwemba-Bashiri Stadium in Cote D’Ivaire, where Cameroon beat Italy in a World Cup qualifier on Saturday, has been awarded the World Heritage title.

    Cote d”Ivoires Football Association (DFI) said the historic event was recognised by the Cote-D’Iverian International Cultural Foundation (CICF) on Friday.

    The CICF’s Director-General Michel Olliviere said the award was received in recognition of the Mwetu-Cote Diena football club’s “historical and cultural importance” to Cote and the people of the Dienac region.

    Citizens and residents of the Cienca region, which includes Cote, Dien-Acre and Dienfort, have celebrated the Mowwetsa-Ce-Diena-D├ędoua football team’s World Cup victory.

    The Mwewetu football club, which plays in the top division of the country’s lower division, is one of several teams that have been recognised by CICFs International Cultural Index in recent years.