Posted May 25, 2019 12:11:47North Park Mayor Rob Fassler says he was “proud” to see a parade float carrying the Confederate flag.

    “It was definitely a proud day for us to have our parade float and the Confederate flags and to be able to celebrate it in North Park,” Mr Fasslers said.

    “We’re going to keep fighting for the future and we’re going as a city and as a state to keep on fighting.”

    Mr Fassers said the parade was to highlight the importance of North Park’s history and the pride it has in its heritage.

    “When you have a parade, it has an impact on the city and the community,” he said.

    North Park has been under attack since last year’s shooting of a black teenager in a park.

    The mayor said the city had lost more than a year of its annual budget, which was about $2 million.

    He said he believed it was time to take a new approach.

    “There’s no doubt we need to change our approach and take a fresh look at what we’re doing in terms of spending our money and what we can do to help the community, Mr Fasler said.

    The parade was also to honour the memory of Dr Leland Fisk, a white doctor who was killed in a shooting in the 1860s.

    North West Ambulance was to be the first service in the parade, with paramedics to attend to patients at the South Park Centre.

    The South Park Community Centre is the venue for the parade.



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