A school bus driver says he’s seen the first signs of a new generation of bus drivers with the right to operate private vehicles.

    A new generation in bus drivers The new generation includes school bus drivers who have completed an apprenticeship in the field.

    And it’s a growing group with more than 30,000 students from all over NSW.

    “We are seeing a lot of people coming into the industry who are really passionate about the profession and the passion for public transport,” bus driver Matt Smith said.

    Matt Smith is one of the many school bus operators in Sydney who’s been training for a new career.

    Smith is a first-year driver for the Adelaide School Bus Company, a public transport company in Adelaide’s south.

    He said he started with a few school trips on his school bus and has since completed the training and a second job at a local cafe.

    “It’s really exciting, and I really enjoy the journey,” Smith said of his new job.

    ‘A good opportunity’ Smith said the experience has given him the confidence to take on new roles in the industry.

    The bus drivers say their apprenticeships have helped them with their training.

    They are also now looking forward to working with students in their local schools.

    Bus drivers for Adelaide’s Adelaide Schoolbus Company.

    Students have also been getting involved in the bus industry.

    A new group of students are getting on the bus every day and driving it to and from their school.

    That’s why they are also starting to be recognised for their work in the public transport sector.

    Rachael Worsley, a former Adelaide student who now works as a bus driver, is one such bus driver.

    She said she wanted to learn the art of bus driving, so she began her journey with an apprentice at a private bus company in South Australia.

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Transport Management, Rachael started a second apprenticeship with Adelaide SchoolBus Company.

    “It was a good opportunity, and really good for me,” Rach, 25, said.

    “I’m learning the business and the mechanics of the job, and getting better at it every day.”

    She’s also getting involved with her local community.

    Her new apprenticeship includes a class on local transport.

    There are now around 200 students in Rach’s school, and she said she hopes to have another apprenticeship when she graduates next year.

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