I was in the driveway when I heard the doorbell ring.

    I thought it was a burglar.

    I opened the door and saw the man inside.

    He told me that he was coming for me and his wife, but I could tell he was a little nervous.

    The doorbell had a call on it.

    I was supposed to be the new driver for a truck company and I was not going to let him walk into the house without me.

    I started to leave, but then the man grabbed me and pulled me back inside.

    I saw the door open and then the door slam shut behind him.

    The next thing I knew, I was on my knees in front of the house, the truck driver was on top of me, he was screaming, “Get on the ground!”

    I thought he was going to hit me with the truck, but he let go of me.

    The door was slammed in.

    My heart was racing, I just couldn’t believe that was happening.

    I looked around, I had my arms wrapped around my chest and I said, “I’m going to die, I’m going die.”

    I was crying hysterically, I thought I had lost my life.

    I was in a car with the driver and wife.

    He was screaming and telling me to get on the floor.

    I just didn’t hear anything, I didn’t even see him.

    I felt so helpless, I couldn’t breathe.

    I told him I was going for him.

    He started to punch me in the face and he told me, “Stop.

    You’re not doing anything wrong.”

    I tried to scream, “Help me!

    Help me!”

    I was scared and I thought, “What if I lose my life?”

    I told them what happened to me, and they started laughing.

    He said, [I] was not doing nothing wrong.

    I didn’t say anything.

    I could hear him laughing.

    I think I’m one of those people who just goes, “You’re not going anywhere.

    I’m not going.

    I don’t care if I die.

    I am not going.”

    I think he thought I was just a little crazy.

    He told me he could tell I was a drug addict and that I had been in rehab before, so he didn’t want me in his truck.

    I tried calling 911 but they didn’t pick up the phone.

    I tried to call the police but I couldn`t.

    It was like a blank.

    I kept thinking, What am I going to do?

    It wasn`t happening.

    I wasn`s like, What do I do?

    I just tried to get away from the situation.

    After the crash, I contacted the police, and I started calling them.

    I said I was sorry I hit him.

    They said, You can call us, but we don`t want to hear from you.

    I started getting a lot of calls from the police department, and the first one that came to my phone was a female officer.

    She called and said, I think this happened to you, and that you were hit with a ticket.

    She asked me to go over to your house and she would give you a $500 fine and you would get a full suspension.

    She said, this is our call.

    I didn`t know what to say.

    She was so friendly and she didn`s so nice.

    She was just like, Hey, what happened?

    I was like, “No, I`m sorry, this happened.

    I`ve got to get this done.”

    I was told that I would be issued a summons, which would put me in jail for 30 days.

    The ticket was for speeding, and because of the time I spent on the phone with her, I said it wasn`T going to happen.

    I called the police again the next day, and it was the same story.

    She came to the house and asked me why I hit the guy, and my answer was I was drunk.

    She wanted to see my insurance because it would be $400 more, and she had a different explanation.

    She said I didn´t know that the ticket was based on the speed of the truck.

    She told me the police didn`T have a police scanner and she just said I couldn´t be arrested for this.

    I went to the next meeting, which was for me to be issued an ticket.

    It turned out the police could not tell me why the ticket would be a ticket, but it was for a speeding ticket.

    I still got a $250 fine.

    The following day, I got another ticket, for the same thing.

    I called the cops again and they told me it was because I had broken a law.

    I explained what happened, but they told it was too late to get my insurance.

    I told them I had the best insurance policy.

    I got an insurance company to review my record and I went home and did some paperwork.

    I went to court the next week, and after the hearing, the judge