Transporter 2 Cast has been acquired by Google for a reported $7 billion.

    The app lets you order and pay for gas online.

    But Transporter’s CEO, Peter Storbeck, says it will save you money by reducing your carbon footprint.

    “If you want to travel from point A to point B, you want a gas-efficient car,” he told Business Insider.

    Storbeck says you can get the cheapest gas with a Google app.

    In fact, you can use Transporter with a credit card.

    You pay the $9.99 per month and receive an estimated savings of $100.

    Transporter is available on iOS and Android.

    Transporter 2 casts a wide net for gas pricesTransporter’s app lets users select and pay on a variety of vehicles and locations.

    For example, you could order a gas tank at a supermarket, and then choose your destination and wait to pay when the car arrives.

    Then, you pay the difference in the $7 per month bill.

    Transport 2’s app has an array of vehicles, including a carpool van, a pickup truck, a bus, and a train.

    You can even pay for your groceries in a convenience store.

    Transportation tycoon Peter Storbark, left, and his CEO, Chris Daugherty, at the Transporter production facility in San Diego, California.

    Daugherty says he’s looking forward to the app’s launch.

    We’re hoping to bring this into the mainstream, and to bring it into homes,” he said.

    He hopes to make it available to more people.

    Storbark says he’ll continue to add to the platform.

    I’m excited to see what people will come up with,” he added.

    “We’re looking at all sorts of possibilities, including using it to pay for groceries, for groceries with credit cards.”

    Transporter also lets you track your gas usage.

    You could see how much gas your car is using, and if it’s been used more than usual.

    Storckbeck said his company will use the app to help consumers save money.

    Because gas is a scarce commodity, Transporter will use some of the data it collects to inform decisions about fuel efficiency.