Indian River Transit Company has a new route in the works that will bring you from Point C to Point D, and there’s an option for those who want to experience the river from the comfort of their own home. 

     The company, based in Portland, Oregon, has two new routes that will allow you to take your own boat from Portland to Bend, Oregon and back.

    The company is looking to start construction on a new terminal in Portland in 2017 and then to build a new crossing in the Columbia River Delta, from Portland through Columbia River and to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Indian River Transit will be opening a new, modern terminal in the city of Portland, which will allow customers to make the trip by rail, bus, or boat from the terminal to the nearest bus station and back in just three days.

    This will enable riders to save time by traveling from the airport in Portland to the airport from Bend or Portland to Vancouver.

    To get from Portland in three days, you will have to take the Amtrak or Blue Line to the terminal, then take a bus to the next station. 

    The new Indian River route will be the first of its kind in the Delta, which means passengers will not have to travel by train to reach the airport.

    When the new terminals open, the train from Portland will connect to the Delta at the South Ferry Station, then a bus will take you to the new terminal.

     Indian River is working to expand its service and will be adding additional service in the future.

    According to the company, the new routes will enable the company to serve riders in a variety of locations, including Portland, Bend, Eugene, Bend-Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.

    The new terminal will be located at the end of the line at the Columbia Delta Transit Station.

    A full list of the new services can be found here, and the company is encouraging people to share their thoughts on their experiences using Indian River.

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