The rules governing the handling of sick children at a major hospital in Italy are unclear and the hospital has not yet announced how many sick children have been transported.

    According to a report in The Corriere della Sera, hospital transport is strictly controlled by the hospital’s board, but it was unclear if this is because of the “new, stricter rules or because of concerns about the quality of care”.

    The hospital board has not responded to a request for comment.

    Earlier this year, a report from the US healthcare advocacy group AccessNow found that the majority of the patients who arrived at St. Luke’s Hospital in the US were in fact sick children.

    The study found that 85% of patients arriving at the hospital had serious medical conditions, but the majority were not able to receive needed care because of transport delays.

    More:The Corrire della Serbia also reported that the number of sick patients who were transferred from the hospital to a different facility in Serbia fell from 14% in 2014 to 4% in 2016.


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