Transportation experts are warning that airplane explosions that don’t explode as they should, but fail to explode in the first place, could cause serious damage to buildings and infrastructure.

    But if the plane did explode, experts say, there’s a good chance the damage would be minimal.

    Bombardier Transport Technologies, which manufactures the Bombardier Transportation system, told the Washington Post that the failure to explode was not a problem.

    It’s a common failure, and it happens when an airplane’s propulsion system malfunctions, causing it to lose its ability to carry passengers and crew, according to the Post.

    The company’s chief operating officer said that Bombardiers engineers are working to figure out the cause.

    Bombarders engineers have been working on the safety of this propulsion system for a number of years and it is one of the reasons that we have been so successful in getting to this point, said Peter Laut, Bombardiest’s vice president of engineering and technology.

    A few weeks ago, the U.S. Transportation Department announced that it was suspending Bombardies pilot certificate due to its failure to work as expected, according the Wall Street Journal.

    The decision came after a recent test flight that saw a plane’s engine fail in mid-flight.

    In response, the federal agency said that its next step would be to inspect the aircraft to make sure it’s still working as expected.

    The Boeing 777-200ER, Bombards biggest airplane, also has a safety system that is supposed to work.

    But the plane has been plagued by explosions and other failures over the years, according and it has been redesigned since it first went into service.

    Bombards latest failures include a 2015 explosion that killed two people on board the plane, according Toilers reports.

    In the past year, the company has had at least five fires in the air, including a 2015 one in which a plane landed in flames after it crashed into the Pacific Ocean, according CNN.


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