Transport officials in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland say they’ve started implementing a bus system in the region, and are urging people to take the time to find the cheapest way to get around.

    The Kelownas Transit Authority says its system is in the process of installing an automated fare system and will be rolled out to more than 1,200 bus stops in the coming months.

    “We’re encouraging people to buy tickets on our website, go to the website, sign up for a travel card and book their ticket,” said Brad Fiebert, the agency’s chief financial officer.

    “They can do that right now.”

    Fieber said the agency is also providing more than a dozen services to help people find their preferred bus route.

    The agency also says it will start selling its buses for a nominal fee on a trial basis.

    The cost of a Kelownan transit pass is $15 for adults, $10 for seniors, $5 for children, $2 for people with disabilities and $1 for students.

    Fiebbert said the service will be available at the beginning of next month.

    The city of Kelownans transit agency, the Kelowns Transit Association, said in a release that it has also started using technology to improve the customer experience and service.

    “In the coming weeks, we will launch the Kelowatransit app, a smartphone app that connects riders with the Kelawatransits system for more personalized, real-time information,” the release said.

    Kelowny Transit Agency officials said they hope the rollout of the app will help people locate the bus stop nearest them.

    Fiedbert said Kelownys transit agency will start accepting travel cards next month and will also offer discounts on the first day of every month.

    “If we have a busy month, we’ll be able to sell more tickets than we normally would,” Fiebar said.

    He said Kelowats transit agency is looking to extend its bus service into the Lower Mainlands by spring 2019.

    “I’m not sure if the rest of us are going to be happy about that,” Fiedbbert added.

    Kelowacransit is also planning to open an app that allows customers to compare bus routes and fares and provide riders with more information about what’s going on with their transit passes.

    Faced with mounting demand, the transit agency also plans to open two more bus terminals to allow people to book a bus ticket at any point on the route, Fiebarsaid.

    The transit agency has already installed two new bus terminals in the area, Fiedsaid.

    He noted the new terminals are located in Kelowascas town centre, a former shopping mall that is home to several grocery stores.

    The new terminals will also have more capacity, allowing for more passengers to board.

    “That’s going to give us more flexibility to expand to the community,” Fiestad said.

    Fiesbert said he hopes people will be more inclined to book bus tickets if they’re able to buy one for a discounted price.

    “When we have to sell our tickets, we’re not selling the ticket.

    We’re selling the experience,” he said.

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