Transport is one of the biggest polluters in Australia, with the vast majority of emissions coming from car transport.

    The Government’s transport strategy commits the Government to reducing carbon emissions by up to 15 per cent by 2030.

    The National Transport Authority (NTA) has published the next generation of its climate change plans, which are aimed at reducing the amount of emissions that are emitted by all modes of transport.

    It is also proposing changes to the way it manages its fleet, and its carbon emission reduction targets for the next 20 years.

    The NTA is calling for a shift in how the agency manages its fleets.

    The report says that to reduce the emissions from all modes and all of its transport systems by at least 15 per per cent over the next 15 years, the NTA must invest in new technology.

    The transport sector has a lot of room to make a significant difference.

    It’s been estimated that by 2030, the average Australian car will have a CO2 emissions of 5.4 tonnes.

    That’s enough to power the entire nation.

    But it’s also much more than just the car.

    The Transport Industry Association has estimated that the fleet that is responsible for transporting more than a million people each day could account for about 20 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

    This includes the number of vehicles that are required to transport more than 10,000 people.

    The new report says the NTC is also calling for the government to consider introducing “passive emissions management” for transport fleets.

    This means that instead of investing in new infrastructure, the government will focus on reducing emissions from the vehicle fleet itself.

    This could mean reducing the number and type of vehicles being used, or even changing the vehicle types they are fitted with.

    This will make the transport system more efficient and reduce the amount that it takes to move a large number of people.

    It will also be easier to manage emissions from fleet operations in the future.

    A number of changes to fleet management systems are also included in the new report.

    The government will also look at how to increase the number, types and location of vehicles, as well as improving the fleet management processes that currently exist.

    The main recommendations in the report include a number of ways in which the transport sector can improve its efficiency and reduce emissions from transport operations.

    The Department of Transport is also considering the following measures: A new national fleet management system for the transport industry, and for the rest of the Australian transport sector The Government should consider creating a pilot scheme for the private sector to provide the NTSA with an “air pollution control system” for its fleet.

    This system could be an automated system that uses sensors to monitor air quality and emissions levels.

    The pilot scheme would be designed to be able to monitor emissions from any vehicle type in the NHTSA fleet, including commercial vehicles.

    This would allow the NNT to monitor how emissions levels fluctuate with changes in emissions from other vehicles.

    The plan is expected to be ready by the end of 2019.


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