Posted February 08, 2018 04:00:54 There are several ways to pay your way around the city.

    Here’s how to make sure you’re paying your way.


    Go to the app store or visit a local store.

    If you’re using Uber, the Uber app will automatically scan your license plate number for an app.

    Go through the process.

    If it’s a regular license plate, enter your vehicle information, and select “Pay with a credit card.”

    If it doesn’t show up, make sure the app is working and you have the correct credit card.

    If the app says you don’t have enough credit cards, you can tap on the “Pay using PayPal” link and enter the amount of the credit card you want.


    Go online.

    Go directly to the website of the nearest Uber station.

    Click the “Find a Location” button on the map.

    Make sure you click the “Go” button next to the station and you’ll be taken to the Uber station page.


    Call Uber.

    Call your local Uber to get directions to the nearest stop, or use the app.

    If your phone is on or close to you, the app will show you a map showing your current location.

    Make a reservation.

    When you get to the stop, the driver will ask you where you’re going, and if you want to pay with a cash or credit card, say “Pay by phone.”

    If you don, he’ll ask for your credit card information and your car’s license plate.


    Open a bank account.

    If a bank does not have an app for you to pay in, you might be able to open one online or by calling the bank directly.

    This is more complicated, but will give you more options if you’re trying to pay online.

    If not, you’ll have to make a trip to the bank and then get a confirmation email to let you know that you’re accepted.


    Open an account in a local bank.

    If one is open, call the bank to get the account number, and then go to the “Open” link in the app and use the account to open the account.


    Pay by phone.

    You can pay with cash or a credit or debit card.

    Just make sure to get a receipt for your payment.

    If using a credit/debit card, you must provide the card number and expiration date on the bill, not the driver’s license number.


    Ask your bank for more details.

    If paying by phone, the bank might have additional requirements, like a physical address, which might help you locate a bank branch.

    Make the trip to a branch.

    If that doesn’t work, you may have to call the branch, then wait until it opens to give the driver the address.


    Pay using PayPal.

    If there’s a cash option, the user will be given a PIN number and the amount to send.

    If they need more information, say that you want a check or a card, and they’ll get back to you.


    Make arrangements to pay by phone in person.

    There are no limits on how many times you can make the trip, but you’ll probably have to be on time for that payment.

    Pay with a bank or credit/Debit card at a bank.

    Make your payment at the branch.

    Pay at the ATM, which is a cashier’s counter where you have to provide your ID and the number of your card.

    Pay in person at a gas station or a restaurant.

    Pay online.


    Get the receipt.

    You’ll get a check for the amount you paid, but it may not be all that much.

    Ask the driver to sign the check and send it to you in person or to a bank at your next stop.

    Make an appointment.

    You’re done with the trip.

    If all goes well, you should be able get the check for your purchase, pay the check, and return the check to the driver.

    You may have trouble doing this in a city where the law requires you to present a driver’s ID and date of birth when making your payment, so it’s best to do this at a local gas station, restaurant, or gas station.