The rv cargo truck, or rv van, has become a staple of the Indian army.

    Its arrival has created a market for its parts, as well as other equipment, and the Indian Army is keen on adding more to the fleet.

    The army has a fleet of about 1,200 vehicles, of which at least one truck is used by the elite infantry battalion, the 8th Rapid Response Battalion (8RDRB), which operates out of Dharavi, the capital of West Bengal state.

    The 8RDRBs have been trained to use the truck as a base, with one battalion moving into Dharavpur, where they train for weeks.

    But the army is also looking to expand the truck fleet.

    The army is considering creating a new battalion, according to Lieutenant Colonel Sunil Prakash, the commander of the Dharvpur unit.

    The truck is currently used by infantry for reconnaissance, special operations, and logistics missions.

    The vehicle has a top speed of 30kmph (19mph) and can carry four to six troops, including two infantrymen, two medics, a loader, and a driver.

    A soldier drives the rv bus on a road in Dharavia, West Bengal, on April 25, 2021.(Photo by: AP)The army wants to make the rd truck available to the infantry.

    The first unit in the line of command, Lieutenant Colonel Gyan Srinivas, who heads the divisional command, is keen to start the training process for the truck.

    “The truck will be available to our infantrymen and will be fully equipped with weapons, gear, and other necessary equipment,” Srinivas told the media in an interview in Dhaka, a city in West Bengal.

    The training will be conducted at the Datta-e-Ikhlaqui Army School in a remote location in Dhor, a district in the state.

    This is an army school for the elite forces.

    The RDRB’s operations will begin in a month, Sriniva said, adding that the unit is already training its first batch of troops.

    He did not provide any figures on the cost of the training.

    “I can’t divulge the price tag on it.

    We need money, and we have not got the money yet,” Srikrishna told the Press Trust of India news agency.

    The Army is also working to improve the logistics of the truck, with a new vehicle, the Raman, expected to be ready by the end of next year. 

    “We are also trying to find a way to add more fuel to the truck and other vehicles to keep the fuel usage down,” he added.

    The Raman is the fourth-generation truck.

    The Army has been developing vehicles since the 1990s. 

    The RDTRB has the best equipment and the most training, said Major General S K Bhaskar, the chief of the RDRBs operations, adding, “We have more than 200 vehicles in the system and they are very well equipped.”