In July, Google launched the company’s first self-drive vehicle for its fleet of self-propelled, fully autonomous cars, the Drive.

    Google said the Drive’s first autonomous test was “the most significant driver-assisted test we’ve ever conducted.”

    Google’s Drive, which is built by Audi, was tested with a range of cars, including Lexus RX450h, BMW 7 Series and BMW X5, as well as a Tesla Model S. The company said the vehicles drove themselves, without the help of any driver or steering wheel controls.

    The Drive is one of a handful of self drive vehicles Google has rolled out.

    The rest of the company is using Google X, its new self-driven car initiative, to test its cars.

    Google has been testing its self-robot vehicles with a series of self driving tests for the past year.

    But Google’s own autonomous vehicles are the first ones to test their technology in real-world conditions, rather than testing them in the lab.

    Google’s test was the most significant driving test we had ever conducted.

    The cars have a range in the tens of thousands of miles, Google said.

    Google is using the Drive to test autonomous driving technologies and make the cars safer, more capable and better equipped.

    “Driving without human input is a huge challenge, but we’ve been able to get our cars to perform well even without the use of human drivers,” said Chris Urmson, Google’s director of autonomous vehicles.

    “We’ve had success with that.”

    Google has said the Google X program is focused on improving the safety of autonomous cars.

    But it is also working on autonomous cars that can perform other tasks.

    Urmson said the company was developing its own autonomous cars using its own technology and other companies’ tech.

    Urborg said Google is working to bring autonomous cars to the masses in the near future.

    Google recently announced plans to bring its self driving cars to China and South Korea.

    In the meantime, Google has started working on a more general self-riding vehicle called X, which will likely be a self-truck, with a smaller, more powerful version of the Drive that is designed to be easier to drive.