The new technology is called a trailer transporter.

    It’s essentially a trailer with a trailer that sits on top of the truck, and can be driven from the trailer.

    The trailer can have multiple doors and multiple drivers.

    The technology, developed by a Canadian company called Trailer Technology Canada, allows the truck to be driven by an autonomous system that can navigate the trailer autonomously.

    It also can be connected to other vehicles, including a motorcycle.

    “It’s the same technology that we have in the Tesla Model S that has a range of 200 kilometers.

    And we can take that car and turn it into a trailer and that is essentially a completely autonomous vehicle,” said David McNeil, president of Trailer Technology.

    The trailer can be used as a means to transport goods such as food, fuel, supplies, or materials, said McNeil.

    The company says the trailer transporter is able to handle the tasks that are normally handled by humans, like transporting people and cargo.

    “The trailer transporter can be extended to other tasks,” said McNeill.

    “The trailer transport system is capable of doing more things that we are not capable of.”

    “We can make trailers that are self-driving.

    We can make them that are semi-autonomous.

    We have a lot of capabilities.

    We’re just in the process of developing them.

    There’s a lot that we’re learning from others and we’re looking forward to continuing that work and building on that knowledge,” said Mihir Sengupta, senior vice president and general manager of Trailer Technologies Canada.

    This is a very exciting development.

    Trailer Technology is really a pioneer in the field of automated transportation,” said Terry Johnson, director of research at the Transportation Research Board.

    Trailer technology is very well suited to a wide range of applications in transportation, including to the military, as well as to commercial trucks.

    Trailer technologies are also being used to transport people, equipment, and supplies.”

    A trailer is one of the few transport technologies that can be deployed in the military,” said Johnson.

    The government is looking to develop autonomous vehicles, or vehicles that can drive themselves.

    The truck technology could also be used in conjunction with other types of transport vehicles.

    This would include vehicles that are able to take off from a highway, or even from a parking lot.”

    This technology is also useful in conjunction, I think, with other technology like driverless trucks, where they are autonomous,” said Senguptas.

    The U.S. has been developing its own autonomous vehicles for some time.

    In October, President Donald Trump signed a $3 billion contract to provide $400 million to the U.N. to develop the technology.