Tattoo removal is a controversial practice in some parts of the country, where some people have been forced to seek it out after their tattoos were removed.

    However, in other parts of America, such as the South, the procedure has been embraced by the community, said Jessica L. Schreiber, an associate professor of criminology at the University of Virginia who specializes in public policy. 

    “I’ve seen a lot of research, people saying tattoos are less of a deterrent, and in places where they are more prevalent, they are less risky,” Schreib said.

    “And so that is why people do it.

    It is a matter of personal preference.” 

    Some tattoo removal services also offer a chance to get your face tattoo removed. 

    And if you want to get rid of your tattoos, you can also get them removed from your face, said Schreifer, who has studied the procedure. 

    But if you need help with getting your face or body tattoo removed, a licensed plastic surgeon may be able to help you get it done for less than $2,000.

    “If you can afford it, a lot can be learned about it,” she said. 

    Schreiber said she doesn’t think people should go to a plastic surgeon for removal of their tattoos because of the high cost. 

    The procedure is also known as laser resurfacing and is used in certain countries to remove the excess skin cells and scar tissue that can accumulate in a person’s face. 

    A plastic surgeon can do a complete facial removal, but in some places, it is cheaper to get the face and body tattoo removal done. 

    In most cases, a plastic surgery specialist can do the face tattoo removal for $2 to $4, depending on the complexity of the procedure, according to a 2011 article published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. 

    Laser resurfacing is sometimes performed on a person without a medical license, but it is not required for the procedure to be performed, according the article.

    The procedure takes about three to four hours and typically is done at a private location. 

    According to the American College of Surgeons, more than 20,000 plastic surgeons nationwide perform plastic surgery procedures. 

    Many plastic surgeons recommend getting a plastic prosthesis for people with tattoos.

    The plastic prosthetic prosthesis is made of a hard, flexible material that can be attached to a person.

    A plastic prosthetist can use the prosthesis to remove tattoos or remove facial skin. 

    When you get the plastic prosthese, you wear it for a few weeks and then you can remove the prosthetic, Schreiter said.

    The tattoo removal procedure is a relatively quick and easy way to get away from tattoos, but there are some other options, such a tattoo removal in a hotel room or at home. 

    There are also tattoo removal facilities that will take your existing tattoos and place them over a plastic scaffold.

    The tattoo removal will take several hours and take place in the privacy of your own home.

    “Tattoos are not necessarily as bad as you think they are,” Schraiber said.


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