A new service called the Glucose Transport (GLT) is hoping to make your grocery shopping easier by letting you pick your own groceries, even if it means you can’t order online.

    The service was launched on Monday, and users can pre-order the device at $50 a month, or $75 for three months.

    While this is a great deal, it means the device will only be available for the next six months, and it will be only compatible with Amazon’s Echo device.

    The company says that Amazon Echo will only work with the GLT, not any other Amazon Echo-compatible smart devices.

    To use the device, users need to get their Echo to speak to the device.

    GLT currently only supports Echo devices, but the company hopes to bring GLT to other smart devices as well.

    According to the company, GLT works by pairing up to 10 different Echo devices.

    Users can then specify which device they want to use as their delivery driver.

    Users need to order the device and then wait for it to arrive.

    Once the device arrives, users can then pick from several grocery items, including fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, eggs, and dairy products.

    Users can also select how much the GLt costs, and the price will automatically adjust depending on the quantity and quality of the item being ordered.

    The GLT will be available in the U.S. beginning March 1st, but it will cost $75 a month after that.

    According the company’s website, GLTs cost $30 a month for up to a month of service, but will only last for six months.

    GLTs are currently only compatible to Echo devices that have Alexa integration, but that could change in the future.


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