Frankford, Pennsylvania (CNY) – The Frankford-based transportation center said Tuesday it has added a new feature to its website that will allow users to purchase Bitcoins for credit card purchases.

    The new feature is designed to give merchants a way to accept Bitcoins without going through a third-party processing company.

    The site will allow merchants to pay for a Bitcoin transaction without going directly to a third party, the Frankfort Times-Dispatch reported.

    The center said in a statement that merchants interested in accepting Bitcoins for payments will need to use the new payment options.

    The center will also accept credit cards for Bitcoin transactions.

    The move comes after Bitcoin became popular last year and has seen a rapid rise in value, with the value of Bitcoins climbing from $1.1 million in December to more than $4.7 million on Monday.

    The Bitcoin industry has seen an influx of venture capital, a growing number of companies offering Bitcoin-related services and even a number of Bitcoin-based retail businesses.

    Bitcoin is not regulated by the Federal Reserve, and is unregulated by international financial regulations.

    But its value has soared since it started gaining popularity in 2012 and it is now worth about $1,600.

    Bitcoin and the Bitcoin community, though, has become an increasingly popular investment option.

    The digital currency has been credited with giving a sense of freedom to everyday people and making them more likely to engage in digital transactions, as well as for making them anonymous.

    The value of Bitcoin surged last year after the collapse of Mt.

    Gox, a Bitcoin exchange and wallet service that collapsed in 2014.