A bicycle is a great way to get around town, but you need to know where to park it.

    A new survey by the City of Calgary suggests that you’ll need to be a little more creative if you want to rent a bike in Calgary.

    “We know that most of the bike riders we surveyed are people that have cars,” said Coun.

    Steve McKeown.

    “If you want the convenience of a car, then you’re probably better off renting a bike.”

    The survey found that just 9 per cent of the survey respondents have used a bicycle to commute in the past year, while 31 per cent said they have ridden their bikes for two years or more.

    That figure includes people who had used a bike to commute the previous year.

    “That’s a huge problem,” McKeow said.

    “I’m a huge advocate for bicycle use, but I know that for most people that is just not feasible.”

    For those who want to get on the road more often, Calgary wants to make it easier for them to do so.

    “Bicycles are becoming more and more popular as we get more people out of their cars,” Coun.

    Mike Layton said.

    But the city is also putting more money into making streets safer for cyclists.

    It’s also making it easier to rent bikes.

    The city is introducing a new “bicycle rental service” that will allow you to rent out a bicycle for 30 days for $3,000.

    “You can rent a bicycle as a rental or for a short-term rental, or you can rent the bike for a year or more,” said McKeoh, adding that the service will also allow people to rent up to two bicycles.

    If you rent the rental bike, you can then park it at a bike rack or parking lot, and park it in your own driveway.

    “The rental bike service is part of a plan to make Calgary a bike city,” said Ward 8 Coun.

    Rick Hanson.

    “It’s part of our commitment to make sure that people can move to the city safely and to make the streets safer.”

    In addition to bike rentals, the city also has an online rental portal that allows people to search for a rental bike.

    McKeough is also encouraging people to consider buying a used bike.

    “As soon as a bicycle is damaged or stolen, the owner will not be able to use it until the damage has been repaired,” he said.