Three transport firms have applied for a new London Transport Transport Authority (LTA) licence. 

    The application was made in the wake of the death of Mr Tjapic, who died on January 6 after sustaining a broken back in an accident.

    The LTA said it would examine the application.

    The firm which is being considered is Energen and it said it has been working with the LTA to develop a new rail transport network.

    “Energen has a long and successful track record of innovation in the design and development of rail transport infrastructure and a clear track record in achieving high standards of safety and reliability,” said Peter Burdick, Energer’s chief executive.

    “The new application will help the LSA to understand what is needed to meet the needs of London and the wider transport community.”

    “The proposed design will support the implementation of a number of new rail projects in the City of London including the Westway rail extension and the Thameslink extension,” Mr Burdack said.

    The LTA has also received proposals from three private transport companies, including the private operator Transport For London. 

    Energer has applied for permission to build four new London underground stations and is due to submit its application to the LMA in the coming weeks. 

    It has also applied for planning permission for a large number of improvements to the rail network.

    It said it was keen to develop an integrated, integrated rail transport system for the City and the rest of the UK.

    “Eliminating the need for a central rail system will allow the City to operate efficiently in a rapidly changing global environment and will also support our growth and future expansion,” it said. 

    A spokeswoman for the LBA said it had received an application from the Energerer Group, which had previously worked on a high-speed rail system for Copenhagen, and that it would be seeking further comment on the application from Energeder.

    Energeden said it planned to begin work in 2020 on the Westbound and Eastbound Westway Rail Extensions in London, which are currently under construction. 

    “We will start building these extensions in 2020 and are confident that this project will contribute significantly to the City’s capacity and growth,” the company said.