A passenger who says he was stuck on a train that went through Bouchards train station last week says he wants the government to stop putting people at risk by putting trains through the station.

    “I just want the government, it’s just crazy that the trains are passing through the Boucharde Station,” Anthony Kiedis told ABC Radio.

    Anthony Kiedi said he was stranded at Bouchardy Station after the Boonbeard train went through the train station.

    “I was on the train when it passed through the front gate and was like ‘What the hell are they doing?'” he said.

    Mr Kieds said he went to the station to check on the other passengers and heard the trains stop and turn around.

    He said he then went to check the trains’ behaviour.

    “Then it turned around and just continued through the gate.”

    It just continued going through the back of the station.

    “Mr Gabbard said she was in the process of reviewing the train system to ensure it would be safe for passengers.”

    As a matter of fact, I have been working on this for a while now and I think it’s safe for the trains,” she said.”

    When it comes to train safety, we have a very strong safety system.

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