By Zainab Ahmad AlsheikhaniA public transportation project has turned out to be a huge success, as it has managed to transform the lives of tens of thousands of people in Boston.

    For years, residents of the South End have been plagued by frequent disruptions, even though it was supposed to be the most secure of Boston’s public transportation corridors.

    For the last few years, the project has been a success in that it has reduced congestion and made Boston more accessible.

    But now, the city’s transportation department has announced that the project is going to be shut down for good.

    The Boston Public Transportation Authority announced on Tuesday that the “Boston Public Transportation Initiative,” or BPPI, was canceled, after a two-year pilot project.

    The project was conceived by the BPPIs Office of Transportation Research and Development, which is led by the director of the Boston Public Health Department, Dr. Jennifer Koester.BPPI was set up in 2011, when Boston was struggling to get on top of a citywide epidemic of street flooding and power outages.

    It was meant to give residents more choice and speed up the flow of information to Bostonians.

    But as the crisis worsened, it became clear that the program’s purpose was more to serve as a way to keep residents’ lives and businesses safe than to help solve the citys biggest traffic and congestion problem.

    The BPPII is a joint venture between Boston Public Utilities and the city.

    The city has been operating a pilot project to test the concept in the South Boston neighborhood since the beginning of 2016.

    The project has involved a number of different partners, including the Boston Transportation Department, the Boston Water and Sewer Authority, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Boston Public Schools and other agencies.

    The pilot project was designed to test whether the program could work in a more realistic environment.

    The results, published in April, showed that the city was able to increase ridership by 50 percent.

    The first phase of the BPLI project was completed in early April and was expected to run for three months.

    The second phase began on April 13 and will be the last phase of BPP I. The third phase is scheduled to begin on July 4.


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