Transcontinental Railways, which operates more than 1,400 trains a day from Chicago to New York, says it charges passengers $3.20 per hour for each hour they travel.

    But some passengers on the train, which runs on its own tracks, complain the fares are too low and say the train is slow to arrive.

    The average daily train fare is $1.50 in Europe, but passengers are paying more than $2 in some European countries.

    On average, the average journey time is 2.6 hours.

    In some European nations, such as Germany, the cost of a ticket is about $3 per hour.

    The train company says passengers are allowed to travel between destinations in excess of 40 kilometers in some cases.

    But in France, passengers on Transcontinental’s trains are charged a flat fare of $2.70 per hour or less.

    Transcontinental says it has been trying to bring down fares by adjusting how much passengers pay for tickets.

    It is now offering $3 fares to passengers who want to travel at least a 50-kilometer (30-mile) distance.

    Transcontinental said it will also offer $3-per-hour fares for those who want travel between the U.S. and the U., and $2-per, $1-per and $1 per-hour rides from Canada to the U, U.K. and Denmark.

    Transcom, which is based in California, said it was “committed to increasing passenger comfort” and would offer free transfers between Europe and the United States.

    TransCom also is increasing the cost per ride by $1 to $1 and is offering free transfers to customers traveling to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union.

    Some passengers have complained about the lack of seatbelts and a lack of safety features in some train cars, including a car that sits in the middle of the train and a car with a small hole in the roof.

    Transcranium, which builds some of the cars, said the company would install seatbelters and safety features on the cars if required.

    Translates as Transcontinental Express.


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