Guardian Auto Transportation (GAT) is in negotiations to take the reins of Intermodals Transportation Services in a deal valued at up to $20m.

    The company will assume the ITS portfolio and will also take on the management and operation of the existing Intermodic network.

    It has been reported that GAT is looking at the possibility of bringing together Intermodel and Intermodas transport companies.

    In addition, it is also exploring a possible partnership with Intermoda.

    It is understood that the transaction will be completed before the end of the year.

    In a statement on Friday, the company said: “We are in discussions with the Department of Transport (DOT) regarding the takeover of Intermods Transport Services.

    This transaction will result in the elimination of some of the remaining ITS staff and the elimination inefficiencies in the IT systems that have been the subject of a lot of concern and debate in the last two years.”

    The move is seen as an acknowledgement that the current IT system is not up to scratch and that the company is looking to simplify it.

    GAT said the IT system has “fallen into disrepair”, adding that it is not “comfortable with the current way we operate”.

    A spokesperson for DOT said: