By Chris MancusoRead moreBy Chris Mecuso”I had a little bit of a run in the city,” said Ryan, an artist and designer living in South Philadelphia.

    “I think I was walking home after work, and I got a call from a friend who said, ‘I’m walking home with this man and I’m going to have to ask him for directions.'”

    Ryan said he didn’t know how to get the man directions to his home, so he reached out to a friend to give him a call.

    “He said, hey, what do you need to know about directions?”

    Ryan said.

    “We’re talking about driving to a park, or walking to the park.

    I said, you’re going to need a ride-share service.

    It was really quick.

    It didn’t take long to figure it out.”

    Ryan said the experience inspired him to create his own ride-sharing app, Uber for Philadelphia, in which the company will operate a vehicle for riders.

    Ryan said he will be paying for the ride using the app’s own credit card, but not through Uber.

    Ryan said Uber for Philly will be in partnership with a new transportation company called Bike to Work.

    “If we get a business plan, then we’ll be able to set up a partnership with Bike to Works,” he said.

    Ryan has been working with Bike for Philadelphia for about a year.

    He said he has been using Uber for a few months now and is excited about how it has been a successful experience for him and his clients.

    “I think the app has been really great,” he added.

    “It has been very helpful to me as an artist, and it has made my work more accessible.”

    Ryan, who is originally from Chicago, said that he hopes to start working with other artists to create new work in the coming years.

    He also said he plans to continue to work with other transportation companies, such as Lyft, Uber and Zipcar.

    “We want to get more artists involved in this,” Ryan said.


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