Denver Public Transportation is expected to open the first of several terminals for the Denver Metro Transit Authority (DMTA) to provide more security and more security cameras for Denver Metro.

    The cameras will be installed in the Denver Public Parking Authority (DPPA) and the Denver International Airport (DEN) and will be used to identify and track vehicle theft.

    Denver Public will use the cameras to track vehicle thefts at the DPU and the airport.

    The DPU has had several cameras installed in its parking garage since 2011.

    The DPPA will be installing security cameras on the south end of the airport, on the southwest corner of the parking garage, and along the north side of the DPGE.

    Denver will also install security cameras in the DPI and the parking lots surrounding the airport and at the Denver Zoo.

    The airport and DPU have been at loggerheads over the security of the cameras and DPEA officials have said that the airport’s cameras are more secure than those at the airport since the TSA no longer has oversight of the facility.

    The DMTA has said that security cameras have made the airport safer.

    The DPU’s parking garage will have security cameras.

    (Denver Public Transportation) The new cameras will have cameras in both the airport parking garage and the DPPA parking garage.

    They will be located at the north end of both garages.

    The new cameras have a 1.5-meter (4.5 feet) by 2.0-meter resolution camera that is attached to the front of the car and is designed to capture video from the inside of the vehicle, and will capture video of vehicles that are parked on the ground or moving through the facility, such as on the escalator or the elevator.

    The video can be stored on the device for up to five days.

    The security cameras will also be able to monitor the movement of vehicles from their parking location and will record vehicles in the facility and in the airport that are exiting the facility or exiting the airport area.

    The DCPU’s security cameras are located on the southeast corner of its parking lot and are designed to record the movement and location of vehicles entering the facility at all times.

    The parking lot cameras will record any vehicles that enter the parking lot from the north, south or west and from all directions.

    DMTA spokeswoman Kelli Nellis said the new cameras were part of a pilot program in Denver’s downtown that will be completed over the next two years and will provide a new level of security to the downtown Denver area. 

    “DMTA will continue to partner with the DPEI to improve the safety and security of our downtown Denver and the surrounding communities,” Nellas said.

    In a separate announcement, Denver Public said it is installing two more security camera systems in the downtown area, along with an additional security camera that will provide the most security of any cameras in Denver.

    The city also is expected with additional security cameras and cameras installed at other locations, including in the parking areas, in the city’s Downtown Crossing, downtown at North Park, in downtown at Third Avenue, and in Downtown Denver.

    As a result of the security cameras, the number of thefts has dropped by more than 30 percent.

    On Thursday, Mayor Michael Hancock announced that Denver’s mayor and city council will hold a community meeting to discuss the security upgrades and the new security cameras to help ensure the safety of the city and its residents.

    “I’m pleased to see this city continue to invest in its own security measures,” Hancock said in a statement.

    “I have also been told by several members of the City Council that we should do more to ensure our city and our neighborhoods are safe and secure.”