Bongolo and his family are moving from one province to another.

    But the 44-year-old former guerrilla leader says he’ll stay true to his principles and that he won�t give up his independence from his country.

    Bongolo is one of more than 1,000 political prisoners in Laos.

    He has been in prison for 17 years after being charged with crimes against humanity and other charges stemming from his war against the government of then-president Lon Nol.

    His case was dismissed in 2001 after the Supreme Court said there was insufficient evidence to convict him.

    Bongsuli is one step closer to independence.

    His sister, Luong, says the family has started to plan for his departure.

    Bongol’s wife, Rung, says they want to return to Thailand to take care of their children and grandchildren.

    She said she doesn�t want to leave Laos.

    Laos is in a deep political crisis and the country is in the midst of a political crisis, Luang said.

    The president, whose term ends in 2019, has said he will resign if the court finds him guilty.