Rail transport is the biggest industry in Australia, and it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 jobs in the industry.

    But the Government says it needs to be more proactive to protect the industry from the collapse of rail freight and the risks of a privatised transport industry.

    The Government has also been criticised by the Australian Business Council for failing to protect freight transport.

    The rail industry’s collapse has left a trail of damage in its wake.

    Many of the industries that depend on rail to operate and to provide goods to our customers have already been hit hard by the collapse.

    It has left thousands of people without jobs, and the sector has seen the value of their assets fall by more than $2 billion in the last year alone.

    And the Government’s own industry assessment says that rail transport is a $3 billion industry that is in a “critical” position, with over 7,000 employees.

    “This is a real and urgent situation,” a spokesperson for the Australian Rail Trades Union (ARU) said in a statement.

    What you need to know about privatisation:


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