On a typical weekday, more than 3 million people ride public transportation in Washington state, according to the state Department of Transportation.

    Amazon is an important player in the Seattle area, but there’s plenty of competition, too.

    The company announced this week that it will open its first retail store in the city of Seattle in 2019.

    A Seattle Times investigation has found that Amazon is the city’s largest private employer and has spent more than $5 billion since 2009 to improve transportation infrastructure.

    In Seattle, Amazon will be building its second headquarters, this one in an industrial park next to its existing headquarters in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

    More than 4,000 Amazon employees will work at the new site, and Amazon has partnered with Seattle Parks and Recreation to provide an outdoor recreation area for Amazon employees to exercise, learn and connect.

    And in 2019, Amazon is hiring more than 466,000 people, according a company news release.

    The company also has plans to create more than 30,000 new jobs in Seattle by 2020, as well as create nearly 15,000 apprenticeships and internships.

    While Amazon is expanding its presence in Seattle, the company still has to figure out how to make transportation accessible for more people.

    Uber has been working to make UberX, the Uber-like service, available in Seattle.

    But the city has yet to roll out the new service.

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