In the first half of 2019, Air Canada plans to lay off about 3,600 workers at the Canadian headquarters in Ottawa and a second-floor office building, according to the company.

    The company says it expects to make the layoffs permanent in the second half of the year.

    A Canadian media outlet reported in November that Air Canada is also considering layoff plans for about 800 people at the Toronto headquarters.

    The layoffs will cut into the airline’s revenue, according the CBC.

    “We are looking to cut a lot of people,” CEO David Cunliffe said during a conference call in March, the CBC reported.

    “If we can get them to take the job, we’re looking to get them back.”

    In an interview with CBC News, Cunliiffe said he believes Air Canada’s stock is “undervalued” and that it’s “really a matter of time” before the airline makes an offer.

    “This is not an opportunity for a company to go out and make a quick turnaround,” he said.

    The airline’s board said in February that the airline has been “unreliable” in its response to the crisis, according a CBC report. “

    The company has faced criticism for its handling of the crisis in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, when it let airlines keep some of their passengers on flights after they were cleared for landing.

    The airline’s board said in February that the airline has been “unreliable” in its response to the crisis, according a CBC report.

    The CBC report was later retracted, and Air Canada said in a statement that it was “wrong” to suggest the airline had failed to react quickly.

    It also said that “we have a strong record of responsiveness to disasters and our board and staff continue to work with all relevant stakeholders to support customers.”

    On Thursday, the airline said it expects “a gradual reopening of operations to normal operations in 2019” for “limited flights.”

    The company’s stock has plunged more than 50% this year.


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