Transport expert David Jones says the experience of driving through a city is like being in a car crash.

    “If you’re in a city, there’s no sense of distance,” he said.

    “You’re in one place for most of the day and then suddenly it’s a whole new world and there’s lots of cars.”

    Jones said a trip to the city’s transport hubs, where he said people are more likely to buy groceries and go shopping, is like driving through an airport, with all the cars and traffic and noise.

    “It’s a real blur,” he told ABC News Radio Melbourne.

    Jones has studied traffic for more than 20 years and said the worst thing to happen to you in a traffic jam was not being able to get out.

    You just want to get on your phone, look at the news and get on with your day, he said.

    “Jones, who teaches a course on traffic and road safety, said you can get lost in traffic jams and it can take a toll on your mental wellbeing.

    The worst thing is getting caught in traffic and getting into a jam, he added.

    He said he spent four years travelling in cities around the world and he had never experienced anything like the traffic jam in Melbourne.”

    It is the worst time of the year for me,” he added, warning drivers to exercise extra caution when travelling through the city.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a jam and I just can’t get out of the way, Jones said.”

    So I’ve had to learn to use my brain to get around, to keep the car in the right lane and not be too impatient.

    “You’ve got to be really good at it, he warned.

    But the worst is getting stuck in a jammed traffic jam, when there are no other cars around.

    So the best thing you can do is to just get on and get going.

    Jones said he was surprised to find he could get out without having to stop and use a mobile phone.

    It’s really quite impressive, he explained.

    Mr Jones said if you’re stuck in traffic, you’re likely to get a message saying there’s a problem.

    When I get stuck in the jam, the first thing I do is I get the emergency services on my phone and I get them to come over and I call the police,” he recalled.

    ‘They were pretty calm’When he got the call he immediately called the police and told them he had a problem with his car.

    In a statement, the Victoria Police Service said the incident happened just after 9:00am on February 12.

    Police said the driver was travelling westbound on the A1 in Richmond Street, when he failed to stop for a red light.

    Victoria Police said the vehicle involved did not have a valid licence plate.

    An investigation into the incident is underway.


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