A new South Australian transport museum is expected to open in Sydney’s north in the next few months.

    The South Australian Government is funding the Transport Museum for the Future, which will be built on a site currently occupied by a rail station, said Transport Minister David Littleproud in a statement.

    “The Transport Museum will provide a platform for South Australians to explore the history and technology of transit, transport, infrastructure and other transport-related technologies and ideas, while also offering the opportunity for residents to engage with the Museum in their community and community spaces,” he said.

    The museum is the brainchild of former South Australian premier Kim Beazley, who is now a former chairman of the South Australian Museum and Art Gallery, a former president of the Australian National Rail Museum, a member of the Victorian Government and an adviser to the NSW Government.

    The State Government says the Museum will “provide an immersive and relevant experience for the public, and the Museum is looking forward to working with the South Australia Government to ensure that this important institution is a success”.

    The Transport Department has a history of building museum-like spaces for public use.

    The Museum of Victorian History in Sydney opened in February, 2020.

    It is a major transport hub for Victoria.

    The State Government also owns the old Victoria University of Technology, which opened in January 2019.

    It will be the second museum built in Victoria, following the Sydney Museum of Modern Art.